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4 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Massage Chair

We all know how massage is vital for health and that it’s the oldest and best remedy for relaxing both the mind and body. These days, people don’t have adequate time to look after their health and visit parlors or therapists for daily or weekly massage sessions. Instead, they’re now enjoying the benefits provided by a variety of massage tools like a foot massager, back massager and massage chair. Many people are choosing to get massage chairs. Well, if you plan on getting a massage chair as well, consider these 4 factors.

Location of massage chair

The first factor to consider is whether you’ve got enough space in which to put the massage chair. Massage chairs are often bulky and may be reclined, making it impossible to place them near a wall. So, be sure to take measurements of the available space before picking a chair. You should ask the seller how much space is required for the chair to recline all the way, and whether that particular model you’re eyeing will suit your space.
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Who’ll use the massage chair?
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If it’s for your personal use, you probably know what exactly you’re going to use it for. But if you’re getting it for someone else, such as a loved one or friend, their considerations may be different from yours. For example, some chairs aren’t suitable for smaller or shorter people. if you’re getting the chair for somebody else, take their measurements like width, height, and seat depth prior to buying.

Mobility can also be a concern, particularly for older people using massage chairs. Such users need zero-gravity chairs, which let them easily position themselves using a remote control. Also, zero-gravity chairs are suitable for those with musculoskeletal problems or joint pain because they help them stay in a comfortable position without aggravating their problem.


Massage chairs come with a wide variety of features. Shiatsu massage chairs focus on various pressure points throughout the body using swaying, rolling, and pressing movements. Some use light intensity kneading motions to give Swedish massages. Other massage chairs are zero-gravity versions that recline all the way before providing massage. Make sure to try out several chairs so you know which one is best for you.

Massage chairs work different areas of the body. You’re unlikely to use every feature, so it’s essential to know which parts of your body need special care and get a chair that looks after those areas.


Ensure that the massage chair is really strong and resilient as you’re likely going to use it frequently. Even if you’ll pay extra for a strong massage chair, consider it a valuable investment.