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Methods Of Training A Rottweiler Dog

The breed of the Rottweiler dog dates back to a region in Germany knows as Rottweil which was an agricultural region. Owing to the average size of their body, these dogs were utilized in looking after the farm animals. Besides looking after the livestock, they also guided them. This type of dogs was used as police dogs. Their being widely known is attributed to their cleverness and gallantry. If these dogs are trained properly, they can be brought up to be very loyal and sociable.

Rottweilers are unyielding dogs and are susceptible when it comes to their territory. As a result, these dogs are hard to train obedience to their master These breed of dogs has acquired an unfortunate reputation from scenarios in the past where they bit people. A lot of these cases where biting has occurred to a stranger; it is widely prescribed to the innate characteristics of the dog and its susceptibility when it comes to their territory. Although they are not very aggressive, if they are not treated right and trained in the right way, by a reproachful owner, they can exhibit increased aggression.

It is highly advisable that the correct training and socialization of these dogs be carried out while these dogs are still puppies. This helps to prevent them from becoming territorially aggressive even with their masters. Owing to their potential to grow big and become strong, they can be hard to manage even by their masters. The problems faced with the Rottweiler can be avoided by properly training them on how to be obedient while they are still young. This is because, the challenges that are faced with owning this dog such as being aggressive, barking and attacking people are attributed to improper training as their nature. This can be easily avoided.

For the Rottweiler dogs to have obedience and good manners, it is essential for the masters to familiarize themselves with the elements of their training. Giving them a reward for instances where they demonstrate enhanced good behavior can motivate them to be well behaved. The reward can be a plaything, special food or giving them a commendation. In the case they conduct themselves in a bad way, punishment can be given to them but not harshly so as they do not become aggressive in future.

Spending enough time with the dog is an important element of their training. The owner should ensure that; they dedicate as much time as possible to the dog for efficient training. The owner should also ensure that the dogs get enough training to prevent health complications resulting from their massive size. In a scenario where the dogs are not exercised enough, they can suffer obesity which gives them circumstantial diseases such as having heart conditions, breathing problems and arthritis. The training should, therefore, be done on a daily basis.
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A Beginners Guide To Pets