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Why It is Great to Live in a Golf Course Community Home

The two main benefits of living in a golf course community are security and privacy.

Golf course communities are built in the regions of a golfing course. Playing in the golf course if one of the privileges of residents living in these golf course communities. Some golf course neighborhoods are gated areas and are protected from outside visitors. Security is assured for residents of the community and the golfing area. The only ones allowed in the community and on the course are residents, their direct families and a few guess that are accompanied by them.

A lot of public golf courses have been remade into golf course communities as homes are built in the proximity of the 18 holes of golf. Sometimes the holes in the course had to be revamped in order to accommodate the homes in the course, and this is depending on how long the course has been in being, even if the new amenity is not considered to be a golf course community.

Not everyone living in a house adjacent to a golf course community is a passionate golfer. There are just people who love the privacy in the area where fresh construction is restricted and the usually quiet play of golf will not be any interruption. There are, however, rules about gathering up wayward golf balls and selling them to the golfers again on the course.

Green fees are integrated in the cost of the home and community upholding fees, in a lot of golf course communities. In elite communities, the squad takes care of the golf course land and ensure landscaping for residences. There are other communities that charge extra fees for the conservation of the golf course and this is integrated in the structure of an annual maintenance cost or it includes green fees in this additional expenditure.

People who live in golf course communities feel unique knowing that they are the only ones that can play exclusively in the golf courses. Prices in golf course communities are more expensive that home in the close bay areas, and this is because the pricing includes the golf course plan which is integrated in the pricing structure of the local homes.

Coping living in a golf course community is not really easy for some families living in the area. It will be difficult for a family member to live in a golf course community if he cannot show respect for others in the community or in the golf course. It is not easy to seek recompense for damages or stopping troublesome activities, since every person in the course is a resident.
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