What Research About Triathlons Can Teach You

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Some Basic Methods in Tracking Your Triathlon Efforts

The activity that has a combination of three activities such as swimming, cycling, and running in a single event is called a triathlon. This activity has a standard distance to complete, and these are 1500 metre for swimming, 40 kilometre for cycling, and 10 kilometre for the run.

You call the person joining this activity as a triathlete, and since he or she has to succeed in the sports of swimming, biking and running, there are a lot of challenges that this athlete has to undergo in order to succeed. Without any question, it would take a lot of discipline from this person to take in order to be successful of such an event. In order for the triathlete to meet his or her goal, one very important thing that should be done is to keep track of the different factors that can help or hinder the person’s training. In order to track the performance of the triathlete, a triathlon log can be used where records of his or her progress are kept.

An aspiring athlete can have his or her own triathlon log, write down the many details on the log and be able to keep track of his or her development. Not only will the details of your training you can write down but also some insights on how you can further improve your performance. For those athletes with training coaches, it is also good to take down notes of the suggestions of these coaches on how to further improve your performance in order to reach your objectives. Sometimes you would feel low or down in your confidence during your training, and to keep a triathlon log would be your motivator to keep on going. Logging down what you have accomplished so far, no matter how small or big, will be a good reminder to yourself that you have come already a long way and stopping is not an option.
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Some of the details that would be helpful to you if you write them down on your triathlon log are your workout data, your daily route, the distance you travelled, your average speed for each of the three activities, your body vitals such as pulse rate and blood pressure, any soreness or injury during the training, the food you took, vitamins and supplements list, your weight, suggestions of your trainer, your own observations on what can help and what hindered your performance, and the result of the race training.
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There are now online triathlon training logs that you can get from different websites. In these sites are tools offered that you can use to keep track of your performance and make you mindful of your fitness level.